Set Decorating

Productions Desiginers, Art Directors, Set Decorators, Property Masters, and Lead Men; if you are shooting a modern or period casino or nightclub scene, we have what you need.

Rye Park Gaming is the industry leader in the supplying of gaming devices for the television and movie industry.

We've been involved with Hollywood films such as Safe, Sleepless and Oceans 8, highly rated TV series as well as smaller budger motion pictures and commercials.

If you are looking for one table, or a full casino, please give us a call at 702-722-2900

Rye Park Gaming is a manufacturer of high quality casino table game equipment and supplies, RPG also offers consultation services for all aspects of equipment management, specializing in casino pit and poker room development and design. Rye Park Gaming has clients world wide and is a leader in the casino supply industry. We are known for our layouts, custom chips, beverage carts, chairs, cards, drop boxes, trays, hardware, roulette displays, casino signs, blackjack tables, roulette tables, and craps tables.